Welcome to the League everyone!

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Welcome to the League everyone!

Post by Commissioner-RedSoxGM on Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:19 pm

We will be starting once I get 15 people signed up (At 13 I believe).

Once we start we will be in Spring Training.

-During this time Trading will be allowed and technically deals can be agreed upon now and then finalized once we officially start.

-Everyone will have a team randomly drawn for them for their second team (Opposite League)

-Anyone interested in being a media member? I will be running rumors and hopefully find someone who is strictly a media member to stir up the league a bit just like in real life. We will have a league ESPN site and stuff will also be posted here to make it easy.

-I will try to broadcast a few games a week, so everyone can see their teams...(You can CPU v. CPU in the Show right?)

-Looking for this to be in a way everyone running this, but it will be on my system. By this I mean that I am always open for ideas, and new things to try. I was thinking of having a board of 3-5 Members to discuss trades (Veto, very unlikely but possible) And for just coming up with ideas or if I can't post something, having them post the scores/news/standings/etc.

-Anyway welcome, hope this turns into a fun multi-year league with a good group of GM's.

Anyone have ideas of things to add to the site, things that would make the experience better (Not just to the site, think scouting, things like that)...If so Please post here so we can discuss.


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